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What is Light Language?

I have been MIA for a while, moving to the US, deciding what my future work holds for me, I wanted to share with you a bit of my journey and a few revelations.

I knew that moving to a different country was my chance to reflect on what I want, to have a restful period, I knew it would be deeply healing for me on so many levels. I have literally been forced to rest and work on myself. Disconnecting myself from the guilt of just sitting and meditating and journalling for 2-3 hours a day when there are 100 things to do has been interesting.

I have been asked to step up, my heart demands it gently, the being’s around me light up the way. But yet I thought I had already done this, in coming out of the cosmic cauldron 3 years ago, by proclaiming out loud that I see dead people and converse with spirits and beings of all sorts. That I see past, present, and future and channel energy to heal through my hands and body and even activating through my words. But this was more, this is some next level cosmic stuff, something all consuming- something thats forcing me to stop and almost proclaim that I’m ready and I WILL do this. And whats more its not scary in the slightest. I have never felt more ready. I get the feeling a lot of you feel this pull, this call to start working on what you came here to do. And I write my experiences, my journey to help you, maybe you will have a few light bulb moments yourself, maybe things will resonate with you and help you on your way. What ever it is, I encourage you to write, writing is a form of release and it is healing.

The word ‘Star seed’ is throw around a lot- to the point where it has taken on different meanings. in my eyes we are all star seeds, we have all come here from different planets and star systems to experience a human life, incarnating in soul groups to work on our souls evolution, singular and collectively. To aid in the ascension of the Earth, ourselves and others. No one is better than the other, ego has no place here, we are here to support each other. And if ego raises its ugly head, sit with it and ask it what it is here to teach you. It is not the enemy, it is not separate to us, it is part of our journey.

Please listen when I tell you this because I truly mean it with every ounce of my being. You are a wise woman/man, you are a starseed, you ARE a healer, you are Empath, you are attuned to all kinds of energy vibrations already, you are a seer, a shaman and a medicine man/woman. We are just all remembering and some are remembering at different rates due to the path they chose. How fast you awaken to it does not matter, its perfectly in line with what you need at this time, everything has its own divine timing.

I have so many people message me saying that they ‘think’ they are a healer.. yes you absolutely are. Please trust, and know your worth because I see it, whats important is that you ‘see’ it too.

don’t get me wrong, sometimes guidance is needed, maybe you have a desire from no where to learn to use herbs and make oils and you don’t know why. Thats where I can be of help- connecting you to the why, and background, to help you step into this role with ease and confidence. A lot of the time when I go into a 1:1 healing session the client have the codes I want to imprint on them already there, its about re-awakening and activating them, its the same for reiki, I have some wonderful friends who are reiki masters and they agree with me that sometimes people come into be attuned and they are already attuned, just not consciously, the symbols are already there in their light body.

For me reiki as just something thats birth right, we did it many moons ago in Atlantis, its just that along the way some forgot it. In the future higher vibrational babies will be born who are attuned and come out the womb healing in so many new ways. Everything is shifting and moving to a lovely light filled age, some call it the golden age of our time.

The golden age of Atlantis spanned many hundreds of years and the majority of us have had a life at that time. I mention it because in Atlantis we all healed each other. We could use our energy to heal animals, people, places. We worked so closely with crystals through our everyday lives, I have even read that we were given a crystal at birth that connected us to our home star. The crystals gridded our skies and waters to hold the vibration’s high, they recorded such vast wisdom in the temples.

I am here to guide and to connect you with that of which you feel inside. As I have direct links, that I have nurtured through life times, to the stars and can plot your souls origin, your soul map, its there written in golden cords across the cosmos, I just follow the thread and relay the messages.

I have gone on a huge tangent but I feel it was needed, I want you to become aware of your worth and value and to learn to not 2nd guess your heart and truth.

What is Light Language?

As you may have noticed I have been talking a lot about light language on my social media channels. It is a multi-dimentional language understood by all on a soul level. Its very high frequency encodings of sound and light, that your heart understands and speaks. You can hear light language within nature, and all around you, whales and dolphins speak light language.

This is what I understand of it so far through channelling the information and experiencing it first hand- light is a vehicle for consciousness, it works on a quantum level, to initiate such shifts that empower, encode and open your heart to feel beyond the mind. This happen’s instantly, Its the fastest way to let go of limiting beliefs and see, to truly feel and be your full potential. It activates your soul blueprint to give you exactly what you need to ascend. It goes directly to your core within the energy field, without having to be broken down into other formats to be integrated. It instantly interacts with your light body.

I channel the written light language of many star beings, from source, from the elemental and angelic realms. Whats wonderful is that when you hear or see light language it activates so many things within you. I have had people work with me and I send them light language whether written or more recently spoken and sung and then they find them selves writing and tracing it with their hands. It goes through the light body and aura and activates strands of dormant DNA, it has such a power to instantly shift, lift and heal I have never felt anything like it. I really feel its a accelerated program of healing, this is of course through personal experience, we are not in the stages where it can be measured. The thing is its hard to use words to describe the full potential and effect that spoken light language - especially can do. You can listen to it over and over again and notice different changed within your body, more shifts in different places each time. It is the gift that keeps giving.

Sound (but of course as light language is a mix of sound and vibrations) opened the doors for me, I did my quantum sound alchemy course and during the sound bath I saw and heard light language whizzing though my third eye. I sat up and transcribed what I saw. That day I started to ‘tone’ light language and I knew something important was happening to me.

Shortly after whilst doing some hands on healing work with someone my hands started tracing light language through the air uncontrollably, I traced light activations through their aura, hands and feet, in their space. Then one evening I felt a bulge in my throat and just started speaking light language, it was a reptilian language, I just let it flow not controlling it, I stepped aside. It was a serious of hissing, clicks in the back of my throat and sound I had never heard before. I recognized the bulging sensation in my throat and the urge to just sing notes out, I have had it on many occasions previously but just ignored it for fear of being ‘seen’ and just very little confidence I have to add at this point I never sing, I used too as a child in plays and choirs but didn’t feel worthy so shut it down.

I sought out a teacher to help me enable this, and the universe provided, she spoke light language to me and I cried for the whole 15 mins, it was like coming home. It resonated beyond words and the feeling I got made me just want to connect and make others feel this way. she also explained that I am high vibrational being that I should not be scared of anything because I only let in light- this helped my confidence, so you see, we all need support and love. I really needed to hear that. In that moment I decided I would speak my cosmic truth. I must add that I have heard 2 other people in my life speak light language and it all sounds very different. Each time I have heard it my heart was full to burst, my one friend broke into it and I literally screeched with joy. Its just like nothing I can describe, it really is the closest I can get you to ‘home’, your star home, Its the familiar understanding. I realized I had been waiting so long for this, for someone to affirm to me that I am allowed to show myself in this way. Once I had some light activations myself I let go of so much and my throat chakra burst out of its shackles.

The next day I played my singing bowl and then stopped and just all of this light language came out of me, many dialects, there was one constant flow, as if many beings were conversing through me. I started sining in a very Indian way and really felt Shiva coming through to release a lot of 4D restraints around my heart. There were chants and toning all merged together beautifully. There was a lot of repeating sounds, clicking, language that almost felt Japanese, and native Indian masculine stronger chanting language. I just let it go. I would like to offer this recording I did to you if you feel you are inclined to hear it (please email me).

It was a heart transmission, it was raw and emotional, you can hear me crying in release in some parts as I am releasing collective pain held through the earth. But mostly it just felt so loving. Yes this was a very personal release for me but if you choose to listen to it you will find it will activate your heart in new ways. It will lift whats it needs to.

After I took a day to integrate it all- I have transcribed the over all message of it.

Heart transmission from the Arcturian council.

We are intent of activating your 12 strand DNA, to light and evolve your souls blueprint, your hearts need much ‘letting’ go of old ways of constrained loving, on the andromedas nebular we have 5 heart chambers, all rotating around the central heart seed. Each is perfectly balanced and in constant graceful flow. It is set to our frequencies of love, we channel loving energy from Venus and Orion, and through this transmission we are helping you remember how to live from the heart with NO constraints. We are talking beyond the ascension of a 5D heart to connection with the cosmic planetary heart for purity and divinity. This transmission was creating a safe space and vibration for your heart to let go, let go. For you to align more to the vibration of Venus and Orion. It was sweet surrender. You are held and cradled through this. We are working from Venus (the cosmic heart center) to align more with earth and to clear the earths collective Karma. In clearing collectively we shine light on your karma so that it be absorbed and re set too.

ok im back-

What is interesting is that since I have started speaking light language I cant stop, I have been recording prayers, release transmissions, activations to help you relieve old vows and contracts that have carried over, I have recorded loving messages to help empower you to stand fully in your light. And whats more the absolute fear of singing out to people has gone in an instant as I realize that this is bigger than that fear, I absorbed it into my light. I feel so comfortable in my abilities I am sending the transmissions to friends and not worrying for one moment that I would be judged or even questioning what is coming from my mouth. My 2 beautiful friends Sarah and Mary whom I have sent these too so far, sent me the most wonderful messages after, saying they felt it in their heart, go to their crown and unblock their inner ears (past life chakra) the other told me she had visions of her past life surface, felt instant release in her solar plexus and a deep sense of peace.

Its a very important tool for light workers on their own ascension path, one that I am taking the time to explore so I can offer audio recording and light language activation Skype sessions. Im so excited about how this will unfold for us. If you would like to listen to my audio transmissions I have 2 to share whilst I am finding my feet. Please subscribe to my website and send an email to hello@crystalmuse , please give me a maximum of a couple of days to respond.

**I will be offering this free transmission through to the end of September**

1. Sacred heart transmission of infinite love- activation from Venus and Orion, activation and clearing.

I also plan to go back to channelling light language onto crystals once my website has had a bit of an over haul over the next few months, I will defiantly be back with a bang!

Much love all, exciting times ahead!

Astara xx

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