Conscious, Ethical crystals - From Mine to Shop-100% Visibility

I wanted to share with you full disclosure and visibility of where and how I find, select and receive my Brazilian crystals. The questions of ethics and conscious sourcing is important, and rightly so, but I do think there are so many sellers out there that really cant know where their crystals are from because they pass through many hands. I feel as crystal guardians its our mission to ask the questions for you, and pardon the pun, do the digging.

All of the photos you will see below are mine, from a recent buy, last month (May 2021)

so I would like to invite you to move through the process of my crystals journey from mine to your hands.

Sourcing from Brazil.

I consciously source the majority of the crystals for my store from Brazil, why? well because I fell in love with the land and the people, in my late 20's I was a footwear designer for Kurt Geiger and I travelled to Brazil twice a year visiting our factories to check on my designs. I loved the people and the culture, they are fiery and passionate. Some of the best people I've met are Brazilian, my best friend Lou being one of them, they have such huge warm hearts. I wanted to show some photos of the land below that my stones are from, the beautiful mountains and jungles, many can only be reached by hours of walking on foot. The land there is alive.

There are many amazing crystals coming out of the ground in Brazil from Tourmalines, Chrysoprase, Garnets, rutile quartz and deep purple Amethyst are a few I love to pick up for the store, I have attached some of my photos below. Do you see the little butterfly that stopped by on this happy hunk of Garnet?

But its the Lemurian crystals my heart has deeply connected too, and that I feel a great affinity too, I know in my heart that I'am a guardian and keeper of these energies through Lemuria, and feel extremely protective over the way they are handled and treated. They mostly come from the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is here that my crystals come from, but its important to know lemurian crystals also come from other countries including, Africa and the Himalayas. I feel there is so much to say about Lemurians so do keep your eye out for a blog post on them.

To me the crystals in Brazil, especially their quartz is an exceptional pure vibration. I believe a large portion of the record keeper quartz from Atlantis were moved here by the priests and priestess of the Alta-RA before fall, to caverns under the ground in the Mina Gerais region of Brazil, because of the vibration and the large amount of lodalite quartz that supports the crystalline grids there. These will not be uncovered in my lifetime as they are so protected by many guardians- human and spirit.