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Opening the Crown with white crystals

Crystals call to work with us in cycles, which reference where we are on our healing journey, have a look at the crystals you are working with at the moment, or have on your bedside table, there will be a colour theme, there will be a similarity of energy. And from that you can work out which chakra and energy centres are being worked with.

I love observing the cycle of crystals coming through for the collective, for example, over the past 6 months of this pandemic of fear, Amethyst and its violet ray has been calling out through the crystal grids of the earth to be worked in an exclusive way with to support our nervous systems through this global reset. It felt crucial to have every variety I could in my store to support this release we all needed.. And now my focus has been shifted to the white stones of the earth.


So more recently the crystal grids have been bringing forward white crystals to speak about and work with, and when I refer to crystal grids I am speaking to the collective crystal consciousness of our planet, that is held in the energetic grid structures under our feet.

White is the colour that connects to our crown, the first chakra doorway into our physical body, it governs how we communicate with the universe, and the union with your higher self and the divine.

First I start dreaming about these crystals, in my dreams they take me on journeys, then they start to appear in my third eye during the day, chattering and showing me all they wish to support.

I have recently been finding myself journeying in meditation to the top of a mountain in the Himalayas, sitting at the top, I move white light into the grids through me as a conductor being, as I breathe in the cool crisp mountain air. I was later nudged by spirit to look up the meaning of this mountain, and I realized it was Mount Kailas in the Himalayas, which is, wait for it… the crown chakra of planet earth.

My messages are often confirmed in many ways, through client sessions and group healing.

I was recently hosting a crystal singing bath meditation for a group. As I was playing, I was watching the energy lifting off those present, there was so much energy push back at their crowns, it was like a collective blockage that extends to all of us. So I think now is the time we could all do with a little support there to get our crowns fully open and flowing.

Our crown chakras are collectively closing due to the onslaught of stress and fear over the last few years, it has saturated our airstreams, our earth and our bodies.

And the 2 main areas that have been targeted and hurt are our root and our crown chakra. Both chakras centres are the gateways into our physical body. These should be our focus to stabilise, we need to support our crowns with white crystals, and a feminine frequency.


The first white crystal to speak to me recently was White Chalcedony, its watery energy spoke of us making ‘right’ and forgiving past wrongs. An interesting message to sit with. It speaks about the collective Karma, and the karma we have accumulated by the way we are treating the earth. The crystals are the beings from inside the earth who are holding the balance so much through the grids, but they need help.

This unbalanced karma is rising through us from the earth, to release, and there is a push back effect coming through the crown, fear seems to be pooling in the crown and stopping the complete flow of higher light through us and into the earth. Chalcedony wishes us to open more, to awaken, to really ‘see’ the devastation so we can ‘right’ it.

There is no time, this is an illusion of the 3D plane, all is happening at once, if you wish to change your actions and behaviours you can, you are not too late, small changes create big ripples. Change your mindset, change your thoughts and then your actions change. Yes you are a small fish in a big pond, but when small fish get together, the shoals create momentum and speed, faster change. All you need is to group together and be as one


I love how she uses the analogy of fish in water, because that is her energy, fluid and graceful as water, her makeup is mostly water, which is why she is so translucent, and water holds the energy of the feminine. White chalcedony asks us to take the blinkers off, because she says ignorance is NOT bliss. If you have some white chalcedony sit with her water energy at your crown and she shows me that she will help you open delicately like a white rose.

She aligns with the energetic healing of the white rose, purity, peace and new beginnings. When working with white crystals visualize a pure white beam of light spiralling down from the heavens into your higher chakras. Then as Chalcedony showed us, imagine a white rose blossoming at the top of your head as it receives the light into your body. Breathe it into your crown, visualizing the rose opening and expanding with each breath.

* The photo above shows some beautiful white chalcedony and quartz towers I have in my store, they are such a strong goddess frequency and the ones who speak through this text.


It’s important to mention that cloudy white crystals are of a feminine vibration, we are speaking with the over lighting energies of the great goddess and mother earth and calling on them when we work with white crystals at our crown. Another crystal that has literally been glowing in my treatment room is a good old favourite -‘Selenite’ another translucent white crystal that opens and activates the crown, assisting you with bringing a steady flow into your body. Selenite links to the moon which is also the planet which aligns with the Crown chakra… don't you just love how it all links together…


Some other glorious white crystals that have been singing are white onyx, I have some lovely wands in the store perfect for moving over the crown in a clockwise motion to spiral in its energy.

Know your boundaries, have confidence in your voice, use it to honour your time and space by lovingly saying ‘no’- White onyx

Onyx is a very feminine energy that enhances spiritual vision and dream experiences, and facilitates connection with the goddess and lunar energies. She is a nurturing and protective stone, inspiring us to be more patient with ourselves, while also helping us find clarity and focus. You should try her lovely grounding energy paired with selenite, they really enhance those goddess vibrations within you,


You could also consider working with Scolecite, a high vibrational crystal which has been showing up as a ‘transmitter’ and ‘builder’ stone. It is concerned with structures in your body and mind, on a physical level it connects to strengthening the bones (your body's structure) . It will help you rebuild a new way of being that serves your soul’s purpose, bringing more calm and clarity to your practice.

Scolecite can bridge the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, allowing for information downloads from the soul star chakra to be absorbed into the crown, down to the heart. Scolecite is one of the high vibration crystals, and is a strong stone to aid communication, especially with spirit, enhancing the vividness and clarity of your senses.

Other white crystals to consider - Howlite, moonstone, angel wing calcite, magnesite, agate and dolomite with cinnabar.


This is the ascension flame, the white light of the Mother in the base-of-the-spine chakra, Governed by the ascended master Seraphis Bey. Its vibration is white and crystal, and the gemstones connected to it are, Diamond, Pearl, Zircon and Quartz Crystal. When working with white crystals and quart, invoke the 4th Ray of purity from the heavens.

You can learn more about this ray and journey to meet Master Seraphis into his Ascension chamber in my Level one crystal course.

To support your crown and the crown chakra of the planet consider, if it feels right to you, to take yourself in meditation to Mount Kailas. Grab one of the crystals I have mentioned or any other white crystal you have. Take some time to read this meditation through first so you know it roughly by memory, lie back, or sit comfortably and explore this further - what it opens up for you regarding your earth work.

  • Gazing at the photo of it in this post you can take your energy there with intent. Find yourself flying there, above the clouds, to its snow tipped peaks, landing in the snow you breathe in its clear, crisp air.

  • Sit at the top of this mountain, as you do you notice a brilliant beam of pure white light beaming down from the heavens above you.

  • You sit in its light, as it cascades down over you light a waterfall.

  • Gather its light in your heart, expanding it there and hold the intent to enhance the frequency of love 10 fold.

  • As you feel the flames in your heart burn bright and true at this request, it spirals and gains momentum.

  • you let it go, down from your heart, through your body, through each chakra in turn, solar plexus, down to your sacral then root and out of your earth star chakra (below your feet, into the mountain.

  • You observe as this ray amplified by your love glows. It moves through to the core of this mountain and then further down to touch all of the many sentient beings around the mountain, the crystalline grids and unity grids.

  • You keep your focus on watching it decent down form he heavens, through your heart and into then mountain, as you receive a boost of pure love and so do the earth grids.

This exercise is to open your heart and to support the wisdom of the white ray to purify and open out collective crown further.

Enjoy the crystals my friends,

Sending you much love.

Katie-Jane xxxx


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